Monday, July 16, 2012

Salmon Sheen is a kind of lily

Species name: Hemerocallis sp. (Hemerocallis 'Salmon Sheen')

Common name: daylily

Location: Ontario

This cultivar of daylily was first registered all the way back in 1950, and can almost be considered an "heirloom" cultivar. There are different requirements for what cultivars or varieties of plants can be considered heirloom based on the species, but in general it means that very little genetic modification (either modern methods or good old fashioned selective breeding) has been done to the plant. This particular cultivar looks a whole lot like Hemerocallis fulva in its "pure" form (which I guess now is a bit up for debate considering how much we've changed its appearance as humans) with just a bit more colour added in on the sepals and petals. This cultivar is reblooming if cut back after the first display of flowers, and the flowers also open leading up to the nighttime hours, with the blooms often looking a little worse for wear by morning.

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