Saturday, December 21, 2013

So apparently I'm taking a hiatus!

You know those times when you just...forget to write blogs? And then wonder how 3 weeks has passed and no one reminded you? Yeah, this is one of those times :)

So what I've decided is to continue my blog-writing hiatus to the beginning of January. This gives me a whole month to enjoy family get-togethers, the "HOLY-JEEZ-I-AM-IN-NO-WAY-READY-FOR-CHRISTMAS" mad scramble at the grocery store (done and done, at least we thought we were. Still need to go buy baking ingredients! Wish me luck...), watching a bunch of Christmas-themed movies on TV, and writing a solid chunk of my thesis.

But don't worry! I will definitely be back in January with a whole bunch of new and exciting blogs. Thank you to everyone who continues to read my blog about why plants are awesome, and hopefully I can get some new "converts" in my students next term. Feel free to share my blog link around to your friends and family; even though no new blogs will be posted until January, there should be more than enough to keep them busy until then!

Enjoy your families over the next few days. You only get one, whether you like them or not :) Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy "whatever other Holiday you're celebrating in December"!