Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pardon Me also has a lily

Species name: Hemerocallis sp. (Hemerocallis 'Pardon Me')

Common name: daylily

Location: Ontario

This cultivar of daylily is a dark maroon-red with a greenish yellow throat (since the flower is tube-shaped, where the tube attaches to the flower stalk is called the throat). It's also an award-winning daylily, although ours is struggling somewhat (likely due to the obscene amount of Madagascar periwinkle strangling it out at the bottom, which can be seen completely covering the ground in the top photo). It's supposed to be a reblooming cultivar, which means it will continue to make flowers if you dead-head, or pull off the spent flowers before they can produce seeds. I have yet to see this plant produce more than one round of flowers!

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