Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lucky Seven even has a lily

Species name: Hemerocallis sp. (Hemerocallis 'Lucky Seven')

Common name: daylily

Location: Ontario

This cultivar of daylily is relatively common in North America, but losing popularity because of it's thin tepals compared to other species. It's not quite a "spider" cultivar, and not quite a "full" cultivar. I'm not sure if a cultivar that's somewhere between a spider variety and a regular cultivar has its own name or whether it's just considered partway between the two. To be considered a full spider cultivar, the tepals (sepals and petals) must be fully separate all the way down to the throat, where they join into the tube of the flower. I've never truly seen a spider cultivar, so they must be relatively rare, at least as far as Southwestern Ontario goes. The cultivar 'Lucky Seven' was first made in 1984, so I guess I should consider it one of my birthday cultivars!

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