Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Are you Afraid of this lily?

Species name: Hemerocallis sp. (Hemerocallis 'Afraid')

Common name: daylily

Location: Ontario

This cultivar of daylily was registered in 1985 and has been a popular short-statured late-bloomer since. The flowers are a salmon-pink that become darker with age (as opposed to fading with age, as in most daylily cultivars), don't have a visible eyespot, and have a yellow-green throat. One great quality of this cultivar is that it can live quite happily in full sun to full shade, and can survive drought-like conditions (which we're experiencing quite a bit in southwestern Ontario this summer) for an extended period of time. Like the last cultivar I highlighted, Classic Caper, the petals and sepals of these flowers are quite different; the petals have a ruffled edge that becomes slightly yellowed with age, and the sepals are much narrower and much less pigmented.

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