Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I normally don't do this...

...but for family things are a bit different.

Normally I would flat-out refuse to do a whole blog post as a plug for someone else's blog, but I think this time calls for an exception. I guess family is special or something because you only have one.

My cousin Debi, who I don't see often because she lives in the middle of nowhere in BC (I think I can count on one hand the number of times we've met), has a great blog. I don't even remember how the blog started, but eventually it became a blog about her recent battle, and victory, with breast cancer. I cannot even imagine how difficult that battle must be, especially when you hear about the survival rates of breast cancer being what they are for metastatic cancer, but to top it all off she had just lost her mom (my aunt and my dad's oldest sister) only 17 months before. During her battle, she also lost her older brother.

So instead of doing what most normal people would do and wallow in her sorrows (and probably flush those sorrows down with a drink or two), she fought back. She has a great blog about standing up to cancer, and she writes books. Right now she's trying to get a book taken on by a marketing director of a publishing firm in BC so her books reach a wider audience. One of her self-marketing strategies is to get more hits on her blog, and to get people to follow her ramblings (she's a self-described sufferer of ADD, something I think we share when we're writing since we're both all over the place).

And now we come to my request. Could you click on the link below once? Even if you don't stay to read, you might contribute to the difference between her getting her book about fighting breast cancer picked up by a marketing and distribution firm or not. If you'd like, you can stick around and read some of her posts. Some are funny, some will make you cringe, some are emotion-envoking, some will make you think. If you'd rather not, that's fine. :)

Dribbles From DebiLyn

Enjoy the weather! It's going to be a beautiful week here. And if it's not where you are...enjoy the crappy weather! :)

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