Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Winter!

While I was off on "blogging vacation," it switched over to being winter...literally and figuratively. Sure, we've had some cold days up until now, but lately it has been "stay inside never to emerge from the house" kind of cold. Tomorrow is supposed to feel like -40 degrees C with the wind chill. Are you kidding me!? Who can live like this?! I'm not sure what exactly Canada did to the weather gods, but whatever it is...we're all sorry. So very, very sorry. And we promise never to do it again. Just please...warm...up...!!!

Regardless of how cold it is, we officially welcomed the Winter Solstice (or summer for all you southern hemisphere residents) near the end of December, which means this blog needs new colours! Reminiscent of the freezing cold temperatures, we've got an icy blue for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully it's not too retinal-burning.

Welcome to winter! Nothing against you, winter, but feel free to leave as soon as you'd like. I think we've all had enough of you already. Bring on spring!

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