Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome to fall!

Well, it's that time of year again: the 3-month bitter countdown to Winter. And so you know what that means: a blog colour refresh! I think last year at the beginning of the fall I changed the colours to be a brown background with orange highlights because those are very fall-like colours. This year, I decided to do the reverse!

The shade of orange that I chose immediately screams "pumpkin". The only part of fall that I actually look forward to is Halloween, and what a better reminder that Halloween is coming than a pumpkin-orange blog?! Then, after Halloween is over I get to savour that it has come and gone (hopefully with another costume contest win) and hopefully that will carry me through to spring. As anyone that knows me can attest, I HATE WINTER. I don't like snow, I don't like cold, I don't like ice, I don't like rain that turns to ice, I don't like never seeing the sun, and when the sun does come out it burns my retinas to a crisp, I don't like salt stains on the back of my pants, and I don't like my snot freezing in my nose. I. Hate. Winter. I definitely belong in a more tropical climate :) But it's not just the snow and cold and everything else that's gross about winter that I don't like; I also don't like seeing living things that actually look like they're living (notable exception here being evergreen trees and bushes). Instead you see a whole bunch of trees that have turned into sticks, with no pretty leaves or flowers in sight. Oh, how I long for spring again already... :)

But until spring rolls around again, you'll find me wrapped in a blanket with scarf, two pairs of mittens, three pairs of socks, sweatpants, a hoodie on top of a wool shirt, and a cup of warm tea staring at a beachy screen saver on my computer. Here's to Halloween coming! Are you dressing up this year?

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