Friday, April 26, 2013

Brief Hiatus

UPDATE: thanks to those of you that e-mailed me while I was away at the conference to tell me that my brain had already gone on vacation when I posted this blog. Yep, definitely won't be back on Wednesday April 1st because that wasn't a Wednesday, and this Wednesday is apparently May 1st. My how time flies! Whoops.

It's been a while, hasn't it?!

I just wanted to apologize for my brief hiatus and to let everyone know that it will continue until Wednesday May 1st. This week started the "Marking Essay Fun Times!!!!" party for one of the classes that I'm a Teaching Assistant for, and the marks are due on Wednesday. That, mixed with the fact that I'm at a conference all weekend means no time for fun and games! I know. It's a sad week.

But on the bright side, the weather has been wonderful these last few days, and will be all weekend! Well, unless you're somewhere where the weather is going to be terrible this weekend, and then sucks to be you! So go outside and enjoy life outdoors. Find your own plants to take pictures of! Tell me about them! And if you'd rather just sit and wait...I'll be back on Wednesday :)

Cheerio! Thanks for being patient :)

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